My favourite colour is:Blue
I barrack for:The 2016 Premiership winning Sharks
My favourite food is:Curry, which I like to cook myself for my family
My pets are:Charlie the cat
In my spare time I like to:Spend time with my family and friends, read and go paddling in my kayak.
My favourite subjects at school were:Geography and English
My favourite movie is:Amazing Grace
My favourite book is:
  • The Great World by David Malour
  • Illywhacker by Peter Carey
  • The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
What do I do when I am in Canberra?

As one of 150 Members of the House of Representatives from all around Australia, I spend about 18 weeks a year in Canberra. When Parliament sits we debate with other Members of Parliament about legislation; question Ministers about the work that they are doing; give speeches and vote on new or amended legislation.

Outside Parliament I attend lots of meetings and events with people who have particular issues they want to discuss or problems to be solved.

What do I do when I am in Cook?

When I am in my electorate I meet with constituents, attend events or visit local schools and businesses.  The people in my Electorate of Cook are important to me.

I love that my Electorate boasts the four Bate Bay beaches which are supported by four great Surf Clubs powered by a dedicated team of volunteers. I mostly enjoy hearing all the great stories from constituents about the community organisations they run or attend.

Why did I want to go into Parliament?To make sure that Australia is always the best it can be.
What is my legacy I hope to leave?That young people growing up today have an even better Australia to live in than I did.


Many schools come to Parliament House each year with more than 100,000 students passing through as part of their learning on organised school visits.

While in Parliament House students can participate in a guided tour which includes visiting both the House of Representatives and Senate Chambers as part of an educational program.

When I am at Parliament I have the opportunity to meet the school children from my electorate of Cook and speak about my role as their local representative in Parliament.  To commemorate the students’ visit to Parliament House, I arrange a personalised certificate.

Schools requiring information about making a booking can visit here or contact the school bookings office 6277 4570 or email school.booking@aph.gov.au.

The Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) delivers parliamentary education services to teachers, students and other learners across Australia.

The PEO empowers Australian citizens to actively engage with their federal Parliament through the delivery of a wide range of relevant and accessible programs and resources. A number of resources can be found on the PEO website at: http://www.peo.gov.au/.

Get parliament - A student booklet that covers essential topics including federation, the Australian Constitution, the three levels of government, elections and how Parliament works.

Please download the Get Parliament Brochure here

Role Play the Parliament: A teachers guide - An illustrated step-by-step guide to conducting a law-making role-play in the classroom, complete with student worksheets.

Please Download the Teachers Guide here

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